• フィットネス コンセプトBody sculpting is, in essence, proper training and food intake methods; which if continued, will drop your unwanted fat and leave you with the body you’ve desired.

    Unfortunately, I have met many people who, through misinformed training and dieting methods, repeatedly failed to make gains and often gave up.

    That is where I, Tomoyuki Matsunaga come in. I am a fitness model and athlete with a firm grasp of body sculpting knowledge. Allow me to help you get your ideal body through healthy and low-pressure methods.

    • I want to look beautiful.
    • I want to get rid of water weight.
    • I want a nice, supple body.
    • I want to improve my sports ability.
    • I want to start exercising.
    • I want a way to get rid of stress.         And more…
  • Available Services

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    • Weight Management/Weight Control Advice
    • Dietary Guidance
    • Life Rhythm Guidance
    • Sports Related Specialized Body Sculpting
    • Stress Reduction
    • Posture Improvement
    • Increased Flexibility
    • Help with Stiff Shoulders, Back, Knee and Joint Problems
    • Help Bulking Up
    • Support to Increase Motivation


  • I am sure that you have a vision of your ideal body. B-Cool FIT will provide you with the support that fits your lifestyle, so that you will be able to realize your vision. Those of you who are busy and always on the go, we will work with you to create a specialized plan to fit your lifestyle.

    We at B-Cool FIT will work with you to bring out that inner sparkle that you have always had. We want to see you burn with radiance from inside and out. You can be at ease knowing that B-Cool FIT is here to offer you full support as you embark on your journey.


About the Personal Trainer

  • Tomoyuki Matsunaga

    Certified Personal Trainer/Fitness Model/TV Commercial Actor/Athlete/Motivational Speaker
    • Grew up playing baseball and achieved his dream of playing in the National High School Baseball Championship of Japan (Koshien).
    • After coming to America, he became involved in weight training with friends. Soon after, he began fitness modeling and entered a new stage in his life.
    • The first Japanese participant in the National Physique Committee (NPC), the largest amateur bodybuilding organization in America. Placed third in the L.A. NPC contest, one of the most competitive in the nation. Continuously ranks highly in competitions.
    • Participated in events around the country for World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) as a fitness model.
    • Profiled by various print media as the pioneer of Japanese fitness models in America.
    • Has given seminars on body sculpting and nutrition to groups and business enterprises.

Hello everyone. I would first like to give my heartfelt thanks to those of you from around the world who have given me support as a fitness model. I truly feel that it is because of your support that I am here now, and I can only begin to express how blessed I feel.

I wish I could say that I began weight lifting due to some cool reason, but really, it was because I wanted to look good for the ladies. What motivates you is just a tool to get you into fitness, and that’s why any type of motivation is good. As I became more focused on aesthetics, I naturally gave up excessive eating and drinking. I became better at managing all aspects of my lifestyle. And, before I knew it, I was leading a healthy lifestyle by following a well-organized plan. At the same time, I have had clients who have grown increasingly beautiful through proper health maintenance and look like completely different people. It is safe to say that beauty creates health and that health creates beauty.

But in this internet age, where information is always popping up from somewhere, I too was taken in by useless information. After years of failures and setbacks, I have finally made it to where I am now. It takes strength to continue with a routine. And if you cannot see the fruits of your labor, it makes it all that much harder to continue! I bet that most people would prefer to feel the satisfaction of change that comes from hard work, rather than a sudden transformation. In fact, many of my clients feel that way. Which is why B-Cool FIT, with our dedicated support, has made it our mission to teach you how to train properly and watch your food intake. By following a healthy lifestyle, you will find that the changes you make will manifest themselves in your increasing beauty.

For many people, as they age and mature, they are faced with the dilemma that occurs when one’s body doesn’t do as one wishes. As your mind matures, so too does your body. Body sculpting will help you to attain a positive state of mind. It will help to improve you health. And more than anything, it will help to pave the path to a bright future.

Beauty is not something that falls into your lap. It’s not something you can find. It is something that you create. Beauty has infinite potential. Embark on a journey for a healthy mind and body together with B-Cool FIT.