The B-Cool FIT Difference 1!
How we are different from the rest!
  • Point 1:

    Personal trainer Tomoyuki Matsunaga has traveled throughout the U.S. helping a wide range of people; from top athletes to those who want to lose a few pounds, to those who want to begin their first exercise regime.

  • Point 2:

    By making body sculpting and health his philosophy, Matsunaga became the pioneer of Japanese fitness models in America and has been profiled by various media outlets.

  • Point 3:

    Matsunaga is an athlete and personal trainer; a rarity for Japanese in America. He will conduct sessions in English or Japanese in a polite, precise and easy to understand way.

  • Tomoyuki 個人指導
  • Break free from the cycle of failures and setbacks by training with a body sculpting specialist who has extensive knowledge and can help you to achieve your desired body. Experience the B-Cool FIT difference through the changes that your mind and body will make.

  • For Individuals

    Do any of the following ring a bell…?
    1. You don’t know where to start…
    2. You want someone who understands your body.
    3. You want to stop the cycle of failures and rebounds.
    4. You feel like you can’t keep up your motivation.
    5. No matter how much you exercise, your body doesn’t seem to change.
    Perks of the Individual Program:
    1. Easy to understand English-Japanese bilingual consultation.
    2. Polite and accurate advice by an exercise coach
    3. Meal advice that best fits to your lifestyle.
    4. Answers to your questions sent to your computer e-mail or cell phone
    5. Reassuring bilingual (English-Japanese) mental support.

  • For Business People

    Do any of the following ring a bell…?
    1. Wondering if you’re a candidate for metabolic syndrome due to your diet?
    2. You’re worried about the health of your busy employees.
    3. You are worried about the high cost of health care?
    4. You are too busy to hit the gym daily.
    5. You are worried about stiff shoulders and chronic back pain associated with long hours of office work.
    Perks of the Business Program:
    1. Personal trainer will come to you.
    2. Will hold seminars at conference rooms, cafeterias and other office spaces
    3. An exercise program that you can do at the office
    4. Plans to help get rid of/reduce stress, stiff shoulders and lower back pain
    5. Consultation on body care

Few of the goals and worries of some of the participants…

  • Tomoyuki コンサルティング

    1. I want to show off my arms and legs and wear clothes that show off my body line without feeling embarrassment. I also want to be able to enjoy looking fashionable.
    2. I want to look like I did before giving birth.
    3. I want a body that slims down easily and doesn’t retain water weight.
    4. I want to do sports for the long-term, but I’m having trouble continuing. I want to get a bit stronger so that I can keep up with my favorite sports.
    5. My health test results were not good and so I decided to improve my health after thinking about what my life might become.
    6. I want to get the cool physique that my kids ask for so that I can take them to the pool.

    1. I want to have a hot body this summer and show it off to the girl I like at the beach.
    2. I want to leave my past self behind and have confidence in my current self.
    3. I always thought that I was fine, until I was diagnosed with diabetes. That’s when I thought about my family and how I wanted to see my child grow up, and I decided to attain a healthy lifestyle.
    4. I want to become a fitness model.
    5. I have chronic back problems and stiff shoulders because I work in an office all day. Please teach me how to train and how to get healthy.
    6. I want effective muscle training that will help me to hit the ball farther on the golf course.
    7. …and more.

These aren’t the only examples. There are many others who have their own goals and worries. Everyone has differing ideas about health, beauty and various lifestyles.
The B-Cool FIT Difference 2!
Personalized Care

B-Cool FIT will create a personalized plan to fit your goals, health condition and lifestyle. Experience the joy of a stress-free change, tailored to your needs. Feel free to drop by at your leisure, either between errands and child-rearing or before and after work.

The B-Cool FIT Difference 3!
Have a session with your friends!

For those of you who don’t feel confident that you could continue a program by yourselves, don’t worry! You can have a joint session with two other people! So, let your family, friends and coworkers in on the adventure! (Please contact us with inquiries about sessions for groups of four or more people.) With your personal trainer and friends cheering you along, you will find that your motivation will rise and that you will be that much closer to your goal!

Training First Steps


フィットネス サービスGet private sessions at your convenience!Now you are a part of TEAM B-Cool FIT! With our high quality guidance, you will find your beauty drawn completely out! At the end of each session you will feel the changes that have started in your mind and body.

  • Individual Program

    Trial Program

    • Free membership!

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  • Individual Program

    Normal Course

    • Free membership!

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  • Business Program


    • Free membership!
    Services are subject to change due to the type of office environment and number of participants.


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  • Torrance Session
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  • Irvine Session
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